Stereomusik Systems is a skills-based company specialized in engineering electronic equipment and accessories for professional and semi-professional markets. We have over 30 years experience in hard- and software product development, product design and product licensing.

Our skill set covers the full production process, including serial manufacturing. Our main competencies are product engineering, digital media design, licensing of low power design electronic equipment and microcontroller systems.


We're also iOS based experts for network communications, 3D coordinate- and measuring technologies on mobile devices. Currently we're in the process of developing several iOS sports apps, sports equipment and accessories for the professional table tennis sport. It is also noted that the iOS developer team and the media design team, former departments of Stereomusik Systems UG, become an independent company.

We are working together with an international network of creative people from China, USA, Russia and Germany.


Stereomusik innovations includes famous products such as The Original Beatcounter Modular,

Beat Synchronizer, Cmix97, Vinyl Touch Classic, Vinyl Touch Reverse, Red Bull BPM.